A photo image of the Nevada Floods outreach booth before an event. The booth consists of a blue table cloth that reads Nevadafloods.org and has outreach materials resting on it. The flooding simulation model is sitting on an adjacent table.

Flood risk outreach and education is a pillar of the NDWR Floodplain Management Program. In cooperation with our partners, our group attends in-person events (festivals, classroom lessons, etc.) to teach the public about flooding in Nevada and their potential flood risk in the future. Our outreach efforts include a selection of virtual tools along with lesson plans for our Nevada River story maps and Flood Fighter; Nevada video game. Lesson plans are free and available for teachers (or anyone) to use in their classrooms. 

In addition to our outreach throughout the year, the flood program collaborates with partners to organize Flood Awareness Week, annually. 



To request a presentation from the Nevada Floodplain Managment Program or outreach materials at your next event, contact:
Floodplain Mapping Coordinator
            Sarah Fichtner
            (775) 684-2886