Roads at risk of flooding in Silver Springs (left) and City of Elko (right).

As part of the Nevada High Water Mark Campaign, the Nevada Floods team is working to create a lasting series of monuments that will serve to educate the public for years to come. The first set of High Water Mark signs were created in partnership with City of Reno and unveiled in Wingfield Park, Reno on May 20, 2022. This high water marker commemorates the 25th and 5th anniversaries of the 1997 and 2017 flood events in northern Nevada. Around the same time as the Truckee River High Water Mark sign was installed, the Carson Water Subconservancy District led an effort to design a High Water Mark mural in Carson City.


Flooded intersection outside of Reno, Nevada (left). The Truckee River running high and fast by Reno's Wingfield Park (right).

Most recently, through the Nevada Silver Jackets Team, High Water Mark signs were developed for River Fork Ranch, Carson River Trail, City of Mesquite, Kershaw-Ryan State Park, Lake Lahontan State Park, and Washoe Lake State Park. The River Fork Ranch sign will be unveiled November 15, with more ceremonies to follow as the signs are installed throughout the state of Nevada. Additionally, you can view all Nevada Floods high water mark signs and more through the new virtual high water mark base map, also created by the Nevada Silver Jackets Team.   
















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